About Us

Mission and Values

The Ontario Insurance Adjusters Association (OIAA) was founded in 1930 and is a non-profit association for the following purposes:

  • To promote and maintain a high standard of ethics in the business of insurance claims adjusting;
  • To secure and promote, in the interests of the business of insurance and of members of the Corporation, amicable relations with government departments and officials, the governing bodies and members of other organizations, insurance associations and fraternities and the general public, in matters connected with the business of insurance and insurance claims;
  • To deal with problems affecting the business of insurance claims and adjusting as a whole;
  • To hold meetings for the purpose of:
    • Providing opportunities for establishing and maintaining contacts among fellow members,
    • Providing opportunities for round-table discussion and exchange of ideas on subjects of common interest,
    • Hearing invited speakers on subjects of interest to the members of the Corporation; and
    • To provide homogeneous representation of the Executive Committee and the Executive Council consistent with the membership at large.